Internship Opportunity
Position ID# : Q-IN-F2018-PS095
Jobs Title : Clinical SAS Programmer – Intern (SAS)
No of Openings : 3

Job Classification: Internship (Unpaid)

Location: Onsite / Remote
Director Operations
Qtech Solutions Inc.
3 Executive Drive, Suite 320
Somerset, New Jersey USA 08873
Phone : 732-770-4100 Fax: 888-532-0210
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Practicum Learning Shadowing SAS Data Manager

This Internship program provides students hands-on about the various tasks and duties performed by Clinical SAS Programmer at Pharmaceutical, CRO and Research Organizations towards conduction and project management tasks of Clinical Medical Safety and Trial Operations. This Internship is conducted for 11 Weeks to Fresh Students as Internship. Interns will have the option to participate in person at Somerset, NJ or attend remotely. Students attending the Internship remotely must plan to attend classes once a week for minimum 3 hours/ day via GoTo Meeting / WebEx sessions. The sessions will educate the Intern on the SAS Programmer task to perform, client settings followed in Industry and will be allocated tasks for submission. During Internship, the candidate will have access to Qtech Proprietary forms, data and related presentations. The Intern will be exposed to various Job-related hypothetical tasks to gain experience. The tasks are evaluated to provide feedback to Intern as part of the learning gained. Interns who have successfully completed the Internship, will be provided a certificate of completion. Qtech is an equal opportunity employer and E-Verified with Immigration (USCIS). Our Placement division supports various pharmaceutical, healthcare and financial firms, by providing staffing resources meeting cost efficiency, time saved and commitment to their hiring needs. Successful Intern will be provided an opportunity to work at our client sites on contract as full-time employee of Qtech with benefits

Learning’s Gained during this Internship

  • Elementary SAS Concepts
  • SAS Efficiency Programming
  • Introduction to Clinical Trials
  • Types and Data in Clinical Trials
  • Clinical Trial Protocol Development
  • Elements of CRF Design
  • Electronic Data Capture (EDC)
  • Good Clinical Practices
  • Good Documentation Practices
  • Work Flow Instruction Request
  • Documentation Templates
  • Introduction to Data Validation
  • Data Based Validation
  • Protocol Based Validation
  • Basic of Statistics
  • Statistical Analysis Planning
  • Elements of Hypothesis Testing
  • Basic of Efficiency
  • Integrated Summary of Effectiveness (ISE)
  • Integrated Summary of Safety (ISS)
  • Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium
  • Preparing Analysis Data sets
  • Creating Tables Listing and Graphs (TLG)
  • Understanding Various Therapeutics Areas
  • Data Based Therapy
  • Oncology Project
  • Ophthalmology Project
  • Cardiology Project
  • Central Nervous Systems (CNS) Project
  • Introduction to Pharmacovigilance
  • Pharmacovigilance Reporting
  • Aggregate Reporting Process (periodic Safety Update Reporting: PSUR, PUR, ADR, Signaling, etc.)
  • PSUR
Student must have SAS 9.X Software installed, to participate in this Program.
Successful Intern will be provided an opportunity for Interviews to work as SAS Programmer at our client sites on contract as full-time employee of Qtech with benefits
Education :
Bachelors / Master’s Degree in: Biostatistics, Statistics, Biotechnology, Information Technology, Computer Science, Applied Mathematics.
Experience : 0-2 years
Program Start Date: 10-15-2018 (mm-dd-yy)
Program End Date: 11-28-2018 (mm-dd-yy)
Application Due Date: 10-11-2018 (mm-dd-yy)

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